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Craig Sager


By Jerry Plantz

Written: 7/11-16/2016.

Beyond the stadiums, arenas and courts

And players from rookies and pros.

Beyond the coaches and managers

And stars that everyone knows.

Beyond the lights and microphones

And reporters with cameras and pens.

Beyond the beats and anchor desks

Where the spotlight never ends.

Beyond that sartorial splendor

From sport coat, shoes and tie.

Beyond your colorful mien

That many wandered why.

Beyond that friendly handshake

From a warm hello to a sad adieu.

Beyond that infectious smile

That receivers return to you

Beyond those countless interviews

Story, after story, after story.

Beyond those traveled miles

A must, a need, obligatory

Beyond your family and countless friends

Who support your grand obsession.

The race to inform to share with them

Happiness or depression

Beyond the awards and accolades

And a lifetime one can revere.

Beyond opportunity's' door

You knocked down loud and clear.

Beyond your never ending quest

Now bathe in national fame.

You're still that boy, that Batavia boy

And you'll always remain the same.

Beyond that phantom threatening your path

Which you bravely answered the call.

Beyond that echo from your heart.

Never give up, never give in or fall.

Beyond, beyond for each of us

Is the unknown we cannot flee.

Beyond this earthly bond

Is the unknown we cannot see.


Beyond the words that I have said.

And all the heartache and bliss.

Beyond his legacy's page

It all comes down to this.

So if success rewards persistence

And Craig is that enrollee.

Your steps are one to follow

For you are its epitome.

Whatever's beyond – for all mankind,

Whatever's beyond- beginning or end.

I will always cherish the right to say

Craig Sager is my friend.